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In the past weeks, I’ve been playing with a fun program called Game maker. Before I talk about my work, I would like to offer it to everyone, it is a really easy yet fun game programming program, and you can create awesome games in a few days!

So I was working on a few games and even if they are still not finished, I think some of them are pretty well-made. In this post, I’d like to show you some of my best games ever.


Jack Bullington, a regular guitar guy lives in a desert, a small town called Stephen hill. One of his friends is a scientist and finds a way to mix the DNA of the humans with the DNA of animals. When he takes Jack’s DNA, he accidentally drops it on a gecko, which then mutates into a human. For various reasons, they remove the human body and the gecko human remains alive.

One day, he walks around the town and the other people start to spread rumors like aliens are invading or animals want to destroy the human race. Fortunately, his friends recognize him and name him Jaccko. Because of the rumors, the army of the town wants to hunt him down and take him to a science lab. The mutated creature does not let himself to get caught though, he uses his guitar as his weapon.

The story and the pictures tell everything. We fight as a lizard against soldiers with a guitar which we don’t have at the beginning of the game. It is kind of like a hack’n’slash game , therefore that’s pretty much all we do in the game. So far, we have the ability to climb on walls, run fast like a gecko and jump as high as we want. It is far from complete though, I plan to have much more abilities.

I’m also working on a co-op mode, it is actually the very first time I try to do this in a game, but I still have problems with the splitscreen. This is all I have so far.



While we enjoyed summer vacations, my brother invented some kind of fantasy story in a piece of notebook. He imagined an entire different world, history with kings, characters, creatures. This was called: World of Kuryaudo. He also made a game of it, which is like a story game. I was planning to make a fantasy RPG, but he didn’t allow me to make a game from the same story, therefore I named it differently with different names, characters and storyline. That’s how the world of Krayiont was created.

As you see, you can choose six different characters (yes, not all of them are made yet) and you can evolve with each of them by gaining points. You get new moves, weapons, looks with each level. That’s my plan though, so far I’ve only made the first map with the Thalluan and you can only get to level two.

lt’s an overview (I guess that’s what you call it :P) fantasy action RPG. So far, all I have is one map with a forest with animals, a small town with people derping around and a castle with huge soldiers to fight you. You can do special missions by helping people out, there will be secret bosses and actual bosses.


The evil leader of Hell and his 90 devils decide to create something from their worst and strongest powers. Something strong, something unmerciful, something deadly that will be the guard of the Hellgates and will be part of destroying humanity. This creature is Ake, carrying the reaper filled with evil, hatred and chaos. He starts his training in Hell, fighting against monsters. While training, he finds a door to our world, and begins to destroy anything that comes in his way. He fights for a little while, but then finds out on earth that Lucifer just used him up and he is not actually part of destroying our world. In that moment, he does his best to fight against the satan…

It is a hack’n’slash side-scroller game. All we do is going forward destroying enemies. Personally, this is the game I got the furthest at. It has about 16 levels, but some of them are really hard to beat. We can do several moves with the reaper and Ake himself. We have four attacks with the reaper, we can throw bombs, skulls, flames, and also the reaper itself. I think I can say it is a good game, not just because of the attacks, but also the atmosphere, the music and the gameplay. I think it was a good idea to make the background dark. In the game, we have a training mode where all the attacks are listed, and also a “Give it a try!” mode, in which we can test ourselves.

If you notice, this is the second game, and you might have asked yourself an obvious question. Yes, there is an Ake I which is unfinished. I really wanted to finish it, but I had to realize that if you export a game, you will never have the chance to open it again in game maker. Here’s a picture to show how it looked like

This game had a completely different atmosphere. I think it’s better than the second game. The point was not to have lots of attacks and moves, it was just to create a game that’s fun to play. It didn’t even have any music. I think it kinda looks like Limbo. Here, all the characters are black and you can’t really get to know any of them.

Well, those were the best games I’ve created. Hope you liked them so far. Maybe in a little time you will even be able to play with them!




I haven’t seen any Terminator movies. I wasn’t even interested about it, really. In fact, I wasn’t even planning to get this game, I didn’t buy it. But if I already had it, why not?

Publisher(s): Equity Games, Evolved Games, Sony Computer Entertainment

Developer: Grin

Date of Release: 19th of May, 2009

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PS3, XBOX360, iOS

As I’ve already mentioned, I don’t watch Terminator, and I don’t find it really bad, but indifferent. Somehow I wasn’t attracted by its atmosphere, no matter how spectacular the battles and the robots are. One thing I really don’t like about it is the cheesy idea, that the humanity is about to die, robots are attacking, war is going on and the world lies in ruins.


The storyline is between Terminator 3: War of the Machines and Terminator: Salvation. We play as John Connor (in co-op mode we play with him and Blair Williams), we fight against the T-s, when the Tech-com command centre leads us to a place to evacuate. While we are trying to follow the orders,  John Connor receives a call from a survivor, David Weston. While the team gets up on the helicopter, Blair and Connor stay together to save the survivors. The helicopters are trying to get up, when suddenly a huge terminator robot, Harvester appears and destroys the helicopters. Since everyone else is dead, Connor and Blair are trying to find David alone, but, of course, there are thousands of Terminators waiting for us. At the end of the game, we get to the main building of the Sky-net, we save Weston and destroy the building. That’s enough about the story, I won’t talk about it more.


Actually, this is the worst and the weakest part of the game. It does have some advantages, like the co-op mode which is much better to play, and actually it is kind of fun to play it for like five minutes, but it  gets really boring after a while. What really irritated me is that no matter that we destroyed all the terminator robots, no matter that the guy says: ,,Okay, we’re safe here”; there will be more robots incoming. It wouldn’t be that bad if they did it only once, but the developers were so retarded that they could not make up anything else and they just did this all the time. These mistakes just show that the developers couldn’t think of a good gameplay, therefore they always sent robots again and again.

I’ve already mentioned that the game is boring. Even COD has more different actions in its gameplay than this thing.

There was a guy who was talking about the game Terminator 3: War of the Machines. He said that the game only has multiplayer, and it does not have a campaign. Here, the problem is that it only has campaign! Why couldn’t they just make a campaign mode for this game? I would love to drive those robots, or at least play against robots with other people online.

It’s not an accident that I did not write about game modes. Why? Because it’s obvious, that there are no other game modes than the storyline! Even Force unleashed 2 was better, cause there were challenge modes, nothing like that in this game.

One more thing that really ruins this game is the choice of weapons. Maybe there are only a few levels, but everyone will fall from the chair they’ve been sitting on, because guess how many weapons are there in the game… not 12, not 10… 6 weapons! Only six, and all of those run out of ammo in three seconds. It’s great, isn’t it?

Overall Opinion


Honestly, I think it’s just a horrible game. The battles look only spectacular for the first five minutes, they are boring and the gameplay is repetitive. Since I’m not a Terminator fan, I’m not really disappointed. Though, I don’t understand why is everybody so fascinated with Terminator, the movies don’t seem really amazing, the games are just terrible. By this I obviously don’t say that nobody should get it. I say get it if you want to, and tell your opinion. I know the review is pretty short, but it is hard to make a good review about such a short game.



Perhaps I shouldn’t even introduce this great game to anyone, most of us probably knows the game called Star Wars Battlefront. Honestly, I’ve played many shooter games from COD to Battlefield, but this will always be the best of all of those. The graphics are not as realistic as in MOH for example, the explosions and the battles are not as spectacular as in Killzone 3, but it has the best feeling from all of the games on our planet.

Publisher: LucasArts

Developer: Pandemic Studios

Release Date: September 21, 2004 (on PS2)

Platforms: Windows, Playstation 2, Xbox, Machintosh, Mobile phone

It was not hard for the game to fit next to me, and that was because I always loved star wars since I was a child. After the movies, who didn’t expect to have a game of them? The star wars saga was created for gaming, all the situations and actions in the movie are perfect for gamers. I will talk about the PS2 version.



In the games we have nowadays, it is unforgivable to not have a storyline. Not in this game. It is based on the star wars movies, so a real gamer simply did not expect a special storyline. It was good enough to play as stormtroopers, clones or droids, use AT-ATs, AT-STs, AT-TEs, snowspeeders, speeder bikes. What more could a gamer require? No storyline needed for this game, it is fine as it is, based on the movie battles.

Game Modes


I seriously cannot decide whether it’s the weakest or the strongest part of the game. It is kind of lame, that there are three game modes, and in all of those there’s the same gameplay, but it’s also good, because the gameplay is just amazing. I will talk about it more in the gameplay point.

There are three game modes: Instant Action, Galactic Conquest and Historical Campaign (said it in exactly the other way in order, but who cares). In historical campaign, we kind of follow a storyline. There are cutscenes in it, and the extras (jedi hero, reinforcements, elite training etc.) are already set. By this I mean that this is the only game mode where the game decides how the battle is gonna go, it chooses the planet, the armies and the extras, unlike in Galactic Conquest where we can set all these things. Some things only appear in this mode, for example there is a yellow team. Normally, we have green and red teams, but they made an extra team, which can be the gunans, the wookies, the tusken raiders or the jawas. These teams have their own machines and weapons, and the best part is the gungan shield right on the first level. It looks really cool.

Galactic Conquest is actually the best of all. After we set the era and the armies, a page with planets appears. This is basically a galactic war, and you need a very little bit of strategy. You need to choose a planet to attack, then you have to a planetary bonusa(the more battles you win the more bonuses you unlock).  Then you can already play. If you win a battle, you won the planet (unless there are two maps for that one planet) and you can choose another planet to attack. If you lose, the enemy has to choose a planet. After four victories, the team gets the ability to destroy a planet, or just delete it from the galactic map. The war goes until you or the enemy gets to the main planet of the army (Hoth for Rebels, Kamino for Republic, Geonosis for Separatists and Endor for the Empire).

The game celebrates the winner with a small cutscene from a star wars movie, saying: The (Republic/CIS/Rebels/Empire) has conquered the galaxy. This sounds boring, but it can be fun.

Instant action: we can choose freely, except for some extras. In the options, we can set instant action heroes, which puts a jedi/sith for both teams in every battle. We can select a planet, set the era. The number of maps depends on us, and after we’ve played the last map, it starts again.

All of these game modes can have two players, and it is actually way much more fun to play with friends.



Loaded a map, and now you have to choose a unit. Every character has its own weapon, grenade or special abilities, like the medic has bacta tanks, the sniper has recon droid, the one with a missile has mines. You’ve just spawned, without any countdown, right next to a lightning thing, a command post. You are either in FPS or TPS mode, that depends on your settings. If you take a look at the map, you can see a green circle, that’s where you are. A red circle appears, that’s the enemy’s command post. On the map, there are a couple of white circles – those are the neutral command posts.  What do you need to do? Kill the enemy! There are 200 soldiers for each team (sometimes the enemy has 250 to make it fair) and this number decreases by each kill. We also need to capture the command posts. When we do that, we just need to make sure that there are no enemies nearby. There are two ways to win: by capturing all command posts, then the game counts down to victory, or by killing all the enemies. We can obviusly lose a battle the exact same way.

Even though there are different game modes, that’s pretty much all we have to do in the entire game. Whether it‘s good or not, really depends on your opinion, I like the game the way it is.

What makes the game really good are the characters. Most of the time I play with empire and republic, and my favorite units are Shadow trooper (?) and the Jet Trooper. Their advantage is that they can fly. Their other advantage is that their weapons are really effective against everyone. In fact, they are the most useful units in the game, they just beat everyone. They are a special unit from their own team, every team has a special unit. Rebels have the Wookie Smuggler, Clones have the Jet trooper, Stormtroopers have the Shadow trooper and the droids have the droideka.

The game is just amazing. It‘s a perfect shooting game, and it was great in its own time. Explosions, spectacular battles, beautiful maps, everything can be found in the game, but there are lot of things I hate about it. Here we already have the intelligence of the players. To make the game harder, the developers nicely created extremely dumb teammates. It was a good idea to create teams, characters that are helping us, but they are almost only background characters, because 99% of the time you have to do everything absolutely alone, without help. You need to kill the enemy, you need to capture all the command posts, sometimes you get help, but they only cause trouble and don’t help anything.

What’s worse than that? It’s not enough that the teammates are not helping anything, but they make it harder for you to win a battle. What they do the most is that they lose a command post that you fought really hard to capture it. This is their main habit, they simply love to do that.

I wish the enemies were also that dumb, but guess what, no. They are so smart that they can notice me from kilometers away while I’m aiming at them with a sniper, and they dodge my shot.

I already said that the flying characters are good, and almost impossible to beat. They fly pretty fast, but that’s not a big deal for the enemy, because it can take you out with a blaster pistol.

The intelligence doesn’t really matter, here we have the droideka which is not intelligent at all, it is just so unfair. Of course, there is a method to kill it, and it’s not hard. When it’s not in shooting mode, you can destroy it easily. If it is in shooting mode and has a shield, you just need to stand closely, wait until the shield goes down and then kill it but if you’re not fast enough, you are dead in three seconds. The character is also big, which makes it harder to get through a corridor for example, while you’re trying to leave, the droideka kills you.

I don’t play this on multiplayer, but the developers made the characters so annoying that probably everyone will hate them. What they adore to do, and we also love in a game when any character does that, is that they shoot from the back or a place you can’t see them. They also tend to shoot you and your friends from a flying machine, with missiles or laser cannons, which are impossible to dodge.

I think it’s enough of the annoying enemies, now I’ll talk about the main thing why the gameplay can be bad. In fact, it’s not bad, but it gets frickin boring after a while. There are different levels, weapons, units, but once you’ve tried all of them, the fun is just over. It is harder to get bored of it when there are two players though.

Overall Opinion


Star Wars Battlefront is a great game. Even if I get tired of it, I know I will want to play again another day. It is hard to throw it away when you like grew up playing it.  What makes it even better is the quality of Battlefront 2. That game is just horrible, I was kind of disappointed when I played it, but I was also happy to know that I have the better one. I don’t really need to offer it to anyone, because probably most of the people already have it or don’t care about it. If you don’t have the game, you should at least try it. If you have the game, don’t let it die.

To know the game better, here’s a gameplay video I’ve made. Enjoy:


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I’ve changed a couple of things in the website. There was a Game Review menu point made where I have two reviews. I’ve also uploaded some pictures which can also be found in the menu on the top of the website


Honestly, I never cared about the MotorStorm series, can’t exactly tell, why. Maybe because I’m not really obsessed with racing games (I already have two disappointed Need for Speed games on my shelf). I used to think that this game was only made to have a game that’s only on PS3. But after playing the demo and the full game, I have completely changed my mind.

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Developer: Evolved Games

Release Date: 11th of May, 2011

Platforms: PS3

Since I’m not a racing game boss, neither a MotorStorm fan, I will mention a couple of things because I don’t have that MotorStorm feeling. This also shows that I haven’t played with the other games (only with demos).



Well yes… it’s actually sad that I’m starting the review with this, because the story is the weakest part of the game. I’m not talking about racing in the time of the apocalypse (that was actually a really good idea), but the really lame storyline, which is only made of cutscenes and gameplays following each other. It is hard to make a good story for a racing game, but they really could’ve done way much better than this. Actually, maybe it doesn’t really deserve to be criticised because of the storyline, because probably the developers weren’t focusing on it. I can’t say many things about it, but it really destroys the picture.

Game modes


Unfortunately, this is another big minus point in the game. They really didn’t put much work in this, because there are only three game modes: Race, Eliminator and Chase.

The last to game modes are almost exactly the same. They could’ve put a bit more effort in that. For example, they could’ve used the end of the world, and make game modes like Surviving the Apocalypse, or Time racing.

There is an option where we can create game modes, but the customisation is really limited, we can only set things like should the laps and the position numbers appear on the screen or number of racers, what vehicles can be used, gravity… yeah, there is no way to create a completely new game mode.



Now this is the point that really makes the game better and increases the fun. It is already enough to mention that there can be four players, which really makes it hard to get tired of the game. There are fourteen different vehicles and thirty-five tracks. We can find motobykes, quads, racecars, wreck cars, even trucks.

I think this tells enough, and lets not forget that there are more types of each of the vehicles, which we can unlock while we play the game. What would be a racing game without vehicle customisation? Of course we can set the wheels and other stuffs, and my favorite part is painting the car. There is enormous amount of patterns and colours, so we can easily choose. I have to tell that this game had the easiest vehicle customisation I’ve ever tested, we can create brilliant machines in a short period of time. It is not as messy as in NFS: Shift for example.

But it’s obvius, that the best part of the gameplay is the falling sky scapers, exploding streets and those unbelievably beautiful car crashes, that we could see in all the other MotorStorm games/gameplay videos.

For a plus point there is the online mode, where we can show our  “talent” to other people.

To make the game even more fun, the developers put hillarious extras in the game, like when we are on a motobyke or quad and we jump, we could stand on our vehicle and do tricks on it (of course, we have to press the buttons carefully, otherwise we will fall), and, while we are racing, we can show the middle finger to the other racers or make fun of them. It was a really good idea to put these in the game, they really increased the enjoyment level of the game.

The developers put in a lot of work to take the enjoyment level to an even higher level. They did by allowing us to wreck the other racers, which is important to unlock vehicle parts.

Overall Opinion


MotorStorm: Apocalypse is an exciting, enjoyable game, though there could’ve added at leat three more game modes, and the storyline could’ve been a little bit better.  Apart from these, the game is excellent to use when there are friends coming over to play something, or if we are alone, we will always fing a match online.

The game MotorStorm: Apocalypse turned out to be an amazing game, every PS3 owner should get it, they won’t be disappointed.

Hi! This is my first game test, and I’m going to talk about the out coming game, Battlefield 3!

This is the game I’ve been waiting for so long. I just downloaded the beta version for PS3, I’ve played it for only like an hour, and I already have several things to say about this game.

Battlefield 3… in other words, a mixture of  BBC2 (Battlefield Bad Company 2) and a little bit of Call of duty: Black ops (in my opinion of course).

The game hasn’t changed much… it’s just like BBC2, but with a little bit more smoothy animation. The gameplay still has the feeling which we had in the previous battlefield games. To be honest, I expected a bit more from this game, and it’s because I still found those really annoying errors from BBC2. First I will talk about the things that they improved on.

1. I was really glad that they had improved this – you do not need to wait ages to re-spawn, you just have to select where you want to start the game, then you can play. Unfortunately, you have to wait 30 seconds until the game starts… but something for something.

2. They made animations I’ve really missed in BBC2, like when we jump through something, it shows our legs, and when we lie down, we can see our hands. Lying down is also a new feature that was needed to be made.

3. The graphics are more smoothy, and brighter. I also like how they used colours during the game. After the previous battlefield game’s dark, boring graphics, it is a great improvement.

4. The main menu totally beats BBC2… so much better.

5. The game labels where are our squad mates, and it’s really easy to orientate on the mini-map. Just what I wished for in BBC2.

6. No matter, how ridiculous it sounds, but we can jump through the windows. Really missed it in BBC2.

Yes, there are many positives in this game… but, unfortunately, there are lots of negatives.

1. The jumping is so lame. It feels like we are in a small box and we can jump limitedly… or like there’s a chain tied on our legs.

2. Some objects are so small that when you play you can’t see them. Due to this you will get stuck on them. Really annoying.

3. The dying is hilarious. Our great man falls down, slowly raises his hand, and then he dies… Also, they should have put more blood on the screen, so the gamer can know that his character actually dies.

4. The game is roughly exaggerating with the points. In BBC2, if you shoot an enemy down, you get 50 points. However, in this game you get 100 points! Woah! What a great change.

At the same time, for headshot, you get 10 points! I’m not joking: 10 points for a headshot.

The makers of the game also put stuffs in the game that are absolutely unnecessary: comeback, suppressive assist… the worst one: you get 10 points if someone spawns to you! That’s all what I can say… unnecessary.

5. I’ve noticed this error right when I started to play; when we look around, our gun tilts! It’s so annoying! Due to this it’s really difficult to aim. Especially with sniper, where the crosshair tilts. And if it’s still not enough, the controller is sensitive like hell.

6. When we re-spawn, the screen fades into dark, and it’s fully black for a while. At first, I thought that the game is over, or something. This is not a really big problem, but it’s so deceptive. I think it would be better if they had left this out.

At the same time, when the battle is over, the screen fades into a grey/whitish color. This is even more deceptive, it can easily confuse the gamer, make him think that there was a great explosion and he died. That’s what I thought.

7. There are some weird errors in this game that aren’t really effecting the game, however, they still need to be mentioned. For example, in rush mode, I went close to the target. It said: Press O to arm.

Someone killed me. I re-spawned, then it still told me to press the circle button to arm… when the M-COM Station I was supposed to arm was like three kilometres  away from me…

It also happens at the weapons (Press ◊ to Pick up).

8. Maybe not that often, but still many times, the game simply doesn’t let me to run… really frustrating.

9. At the first map, it showed the next two bases we had to attack. I went to the place, and I got stuck in the small rocks. Then I realized that we have to go down in the underground. But how was I supposed to know this, since the game didn’t show that this is the end of the map, and I’m going in the wrong way. I’m not the only one who thinks this, I’ve seen many people going the same way.

10. The dub is really annoying, especially that voice of the guy who talks to the defenders.

Well, that’s all I can say right now. Probably lots of you will say that I was a little rude to the game. Let’s not forget that this is all my opinion. The question is, does the game worth it? I think it surely does. I really hope they will improve the errors in the full version. No matter how many mistakes were there in the beta version. It’s still going to be amazing.

I’ve entered into the Pizzamovies Contest with my following video. Who knows, maybe I’m going to win. 🙂