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How the world was in these times?

The human technology has developed so much since 2012 when brand new machines were built, people started to live in a different way.

However, the world did not live in peace like many people expected.

Many countries needed to pay so much for food and cargos, some of the countries were very poor, and did not have enough money to pay taxes.

Unlike our world today, there were Four industries:

Primary Industry – landowners, nobles, rich people

Secondary Industry – teachers, workers, factory workers

Tertiary Industry – Soldiers, captains, generals

Quaternary Industry – spaceship controllers, astronauts

The Quaternary Industry did not exist for a long time. In 2040, America tested its laser bomber, and they shot. The laser stopped in the orbit and started to injure the world. People got cancers, and many of them died because of it. By this, the spaceman-ship became a separate industry. Later, this laser globe got a name from a japanese reporter who called it: The Burning Earth.

The planet got surrounded by a huge energy shield invented by Woo-seong Kim, who was a korean astronaut, and also worked in the Quaternary Industry. The world was kind of safe now, but this still could not stop the war that came after…

How the war begun?

America lived under the control of the Black Star, a very big society, which was created in America, 2021. Firstly it was nothing more than the USA with new leadership, rules and different name. By 2043, it spread around the world.

There was a separated organization, which called itself: Red Eye. This team later became a very strong power which actually had army.

After the main power, the Black Star, has fallen and did not have control on America anymore, the Red Eye committed its first action.

The Japanese leader of the Red Eye, Junsoyo Kamako defeated North-Korea and started to develop the army and make other countries join him.

The actions of the Red Eye caused a big war and made the countries develop weapons, vehicles.

Later this war also got a name that was taken from a Japanese mans letter who called it: The Red War

The rise of China, Japan and Yao Chang – The Red War

There was a dictator in China, who wanted to build an empire, just like Kamako. His name was Yao Chang (born in 1995 17th of March). His dream did not really come true, because after he occupied Mongolia, Japan and India attacked them. The actions caused the Red War which was between China, India and The Japanese Empire. Later it also made Russia get involved. America wanted to stop Kamako and Yao Chang, the main causers of the trouble in Asia, so this brought war to many countries.

The Death of Kamako

After the Red Eye’s empire had grown and was fighting with China, India and Russia, the Americans decided to stop Kamako and put an end on the whole thing. Due to this they reorganized the Black Star and started to fight with the Japanese.

Two years of fighting with Kamako, and the Black Star attacked the main base of the Red Eye (which was unfortunately in Japan).

In a very prosperous attack, a well trained squad found Kamako in his room and eliminated him. After this, the Red Eye fell apart and lost all its land.

The rise of Gorbachyov Afanasil – The end of the Red War

Gorbachyov Afanasil (born in 1996 5th of October) was a Russian man who lived in a small city of Russia called Smolensk. He was a hater of Americans especially the ones that lived in Russia, because those ones came to his city, they were richer and lived a better life than him. He spent his childhood as a poor orphan.

Even though he was poor, he had the luck to get education. In the age of seven, they sent him to an International school. He studied there for a long time, and already spoke three languages: Russian, English and Polish. After he finished his University, he started to make speeches. Firstly he did not make them in public. There were so many arguments and fights because of his opinion. This was maybe because many of the people Afanas was talking to were Americans. However, most of the people liked him and made him to have public speeches. After weeks of persuading, he finally had his first public speech in Smolensk that was about the stupidity of America and the unfairness in Smolensk. The speech got stuck in people’s mind and made them kill every American in Smolensk. Afanasil made two speeches about America, then he moved to Moscow.

This was about before the end of  Kamako. After his death, Afanas became a dictator and stopped the Red War. People really liked him until it turned out what’s going to come after.

The birth of the Raptism

Afanasil was completely fine with being the dictator of Russia, but one of his friends gave him an advice. He wanted to make Afanas even more famous. Afanas liked the idea. On 13th of October, 2047, together they created the Raptist party. Afanas bought the Russian weapons, and started to make new ones. By time, the Raptist party already captured Europe, and got united with China. The Black Star had luck with this, because it didn’t get disorganized. The war begun…



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