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In the past weeks, I’ve been playing with a fun program called Game maker. Before I talk about my work, I would like to offer it to everyone, it is a really easy yet fun game programming program, and you can create awesome games in a few days!

So I was working on a few games and even if they are still not finished, I think some of them are pretty well-made. In this post, I’d like to show you some of my best games ever.


Jack Bullington, a regular guitar guy lives in a desert, a small town called Stephen hill. One of his friends is a scientist and finds a way to mix the DNA of the humans with the DNA of animals. When he takes Jack’s DNA, he accidentally drops it on a gecko, which then mutates into a human. For various reasons, they remove the human body and the gecko human remains alive.

One day, he walks around the town and the other people start to spread rumors like aliens are invading or animals want to destroy the human race. Fortunately, his friends recognize him and name him Jaccko. Because of the rumors, the army of the town wants to hunt him down and take him to a science lab. The mutated creature does not let himself to get caught though, he uses his guitar as his weapon.

The story and the pictures tell everything. We fight as a lizard against soldiers with a guitar which we don’t have at the beginning of the game. It is kind of like a hack’n’slash game , therefore that’s pretty much all we do in the game. So far, we have the ability to climb on walls, run fast like a gecko and jump as high as we want. It is far from complete though, I plan to have much more abilities.

I’m also working on a co-op mode, it is actually the very first time I try to do this in a game, but I still have problems with the splitscreen. This is all I have so far.



While we enjoyed summer vacations, my brother invented some kind of fantasy story in a piece of notebook. He imagined an entire different world, history with kings, characters, creatures. This was called: World of Kuryaudo. He also made a game of it, which is like a story game. I was planning to make a fantasy RPG, but he didn’t allow me to make a game from the same story, therefore I named it differently with different names, characters and storyline. That’s how the world of Krayiont was created.

As you see, you can choose six different characters (yes, not all of them are made yet) and you can evolve with each of them by gaining points. You get new moves, weapons, looks with each level. That’s my plan though, so far I’ve only made the first map with the Thalluan and you can only get to level two.

lt’s an overview (I guess that’s what you call it :P) fantasy action RPG. So far, all I have is one map with a forest with animals, a small town with people derping around and a castle with huge soldiers to fight you. You can do special missions by helping people out, there will be secret bosses and actual bosses.


The evil leader of Hell and his 90 devils decide to create something from their worst and strongest powers. Something strong, something unmerciful, something deadly that will be the guard of the Hellgates and will be part of destroying humanity. This creature is Ake, carrying the reaper filled with evil, hatred and chaos. He starts his training in Hell, fighting against monsters. While training, he finds a door to our world, and begins to destroy anything that comes in his way. He fights for a little while, but then finds out on earth that Lucifer just used him up and he is not actually part of destroying our world. In that moment, he does his best to fight against the satan…

It is a hack’n’slash side-scroller game. All we do is going forward destroying enemies. Personally, this is the game I got the furthest at. It has about 16 levels, but some of them are really hard to beat. We can do several moves with the reaper and Ake himself. We have four attacks with the reaper, we can throw bombs, skulls, flames, and also the reaper itself. I think I can say it is a good game, not just because of the attacks, but also the atmosphere, the music and the gameplay. I think it was a good idea to make the background dark. In the game, we have a training mode where all the attacks are listed, and also a “Give it a try!” mode, in which we can test ourselves.

If you notice, this is the second game, and you might have asked yourself an obvious question. Yes, there is an Ake I which is unfinished. I really wanted to finish it, but I had to realize that if you export a game, you will never have the chance to open it again in game maker. Here’s a picture to show how it looked like

This game had a completely different atmosphere. I think it’s better than the second game. The point was not to have lots of attacks and moves, it was just to create a game that’s fun to play. It didn’t even have any music. I think it kinda looks like Limbo. Here, all the characters are black and you can’t really get to know any of them.

Well, those were the best games I’ve created. Hope you liked them so far. Maybe in a little time you will even be able to play with them!


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