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I haven’t seen any Terminator movies. I wasn’t even interested about it, really. In fact, I wasn’t even planning to get this game, I didn’t buy it. But if I already had it, why not?

Publisher(s): Equity Games, Evolved Games, Sony Computer Entertainment

Developer: Grin

Date of Release: 19th of May, 2009

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PS3, XBOX360, iOS

As I’ve already mentioned, I don’t watch Terminator, and I don’t find it really bad, but indifferent. Somehow I wasn’t attracted by its atmosphere, no matter how spectacular the battles and the robots are. One thing I really don’t like about it is the cheesy idea, that the humanity is about to die, robots are attacking, war is going on and the world lies in ruins.


The storyline is between Terminator 3: War of the Machines and Terminator: Salvation. We play as John Connor (in co-op mode we play with him and Blair Williams), we fight against the T-s, when the Tech-com command centre leads us to a place to evacuate. While we are trying to follow the orders,  John Connor receives a call from a survivor, David Weston. While the team gets up on the helicopter, Blair and Connor stay together to save the survivors. The helicopters are trying to get up, when suddenly a huge terminator robot, Harvester appears and destroys the helicopters. Since everyone else is dead, Connor and Blair are trying to find David alone, but, of course, there are thousands of Terminators waiting for us. At the end of the game, we get to the main building of the Sky-net, we save Weston and destroy the building. That’s enough about the story, I won’t talk about it more.


Actually, this is the worst and the weakest part of the game. It does have some advantages, like the co-op mode which is much better to play, and actually it is kind of fun to play it for like five minutes, but it  gets really boring after a while. What really irritated me is that no matter that we destroyed all the terminator robots, no matter that the guy says: ,,Okay, we’re safe here”; there will be more robots incoming. It wouldn’t be that bad if they did it only once, but the developers were so retarded that they could not make up anything else and they just did this all the time. These mistakes just show that the developers couldn’t think of a good gameplay, therefore they always sent robots again and again.

I’ve already mentioned that the game is boring. Even COD has more different actions in its gameplay than this thing.

There was a guy who was talking about the game Terminator 3: War of the Machines. He said that the game only has multiplayer, and it does not have a campaign. Here, the problem is that it only has campaign! Why couldn’t they just make a campaign mode for this game? I would love to drive those robots, or at least play against robots with other people online.

It’s not an accident that I did not write about game modes. Why? Because it’s obvious, that there are no other game modes than the storyline! Even Force unleashed 2 was better, cause there were challenge modes, nothing like that in this game.

One more thing that really ruins this game is the choice of weapons. Maybe there are only a few levels, but everyone will fall from the chair they’ve been sitting on, because guess how many weapons are there in the game… not 12, not 10… 6 weapons! Only six, and all of those run out of ammo in three seconds. It’s great, isn’t it?

Overall Opinion


Honestly, I think it’s just a horrible game. The battles look only spectacular for the first five minutes, they are boring and the gameplay is repetitive. Since I’m not a Terminator fan, I’m not really disappointed. Though, I don’t understand why is everybody so fascinated with Terminator, the movies don’t seem really amazing, the games are just terrible. By this I obviously don’t say that nobody should get it. I say get it if you want to, and tell your opinion. I know the review is pretty short, but it is hard to make a good review about such a short game.


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