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Perhaps I shouldn’t even introduce this great game to anyone, most of us probably knows the game called Star Wars Battlefront. Honestly, I’ve played many shooter games from COD to Battlefield, but this will always be the best of all of those. The graphics are not as realistic as in MOH for example, the explosions and the battles are not as spectacular as in Killzone 3, but it has the best feeling from all of the games on our planet.

Publisher: LucasArts

Developer: Pandemic Studios

Release Date: September 21, 2004 (on PS2)

Platforms: Windows, Playstation 2, Xbox, Machintosh, Mobile phone

It was not hard for the game to fit next to me, and that was because I always loved star wars since I was a child. After the movies, who didn’t expect to have a game of them? The star wars saga was created for gaming, all the situations and actions in the movie are perfect for gamers. I will talk about the PS2 version.



In the games we have nowadays, it is unforgivable to not have a storyline. Not in this game. It is based on the star wars movies, so a real gamer simply did not expect a special storyline. It was good enough to play as stormtroopers, clones or droids, use AT-ATs, AT-STs, AT-TEs, snowspeeders, speeder bikes. What more could a gamer require? No storyline needed for this game, it is fine as it is, based on the movie battles.

Game Modes


I seriously cannot decide whether it’s the weakest or the strongest part of the game. It is kind of lame, that there are three game modes, and in all of those there’s the same gameplay, but it’s also good, because the gameplay is just amazing. I will talk about it more in the gameplay point.

There are three game modes: Instant Action, Galactic Conquest and Historical Campaign (said it in exactly the other way in order, but who cares). In historical campaign, we kind of follow a storyline. There are cutscenes in it, and the extras (jedi hero, reinforcements, elite training etc.) are already set. By this I mean that this is the only game mode where the game decides how the battle is gonna go, it chooses the planet, the armies and the extras, unlike in Galactic Conquest where we can set all these things. Some things only appear in this mode, for example there is a yellow team. Normally, we have green and red teams, but they made an extra team, which can be the gunans, the wookies, the tusken raiders or the jawas. These teams have their own machines and weapons, and the best part is the gungan shield right on the first level. It looks really cool.

Galactic Conquest is actually the best of all. After we set the era and the armies, a page with planets appears. This is basically a galactic war, and you need a very little bit of strategy. You need to choose a planet to attack, then you have to a planetary bonusa(the more battles you win the more bonuses you unlock).  Then you can already play. If you win a battle, you won the planet (unless there are two maps for that one planet) and you can choose another planet to attack. If you lose, the enemy has to choose a planet. After four victories, the team gets the ability to destroy a planet, or just delete it from the galactic map. The war goes until you or the enemy gets to the main planet of the army (Hoth for Rebels, Kamino for Republic, Geonosis for Separatists and Endor for the Empire).

The game celebrates the winner with a small cutscene from a star wars movie, saying: The (Republic/CIS/Rebels/Empire) has conquered the galaxy. This sounds boring, but it can be fun.

Instant action: we can choose freely, except for some extras. In the options, we can set instant action heroes, which puts a jedi/sith for both teams in every battle. We can select a planet, set the era. The number of maps depends on us, and after we’ve played the last map, it starts again.

All of these game modes can have two players, and it is actually way much more fun to play with friends.



Loaded a map, and now you have to choose a unit. Every character has its own weapon, grenade or special abilities, like the medic has bacta tanks, the sniper has recon droid, the one with a missile has mines. You’ve just spawned, without any countdown, right next to a lightning thing, a command post. You are either in FPS or TPS mode, that depends on your settings. If you take a look at the map, you can see a green circle, that’s where you are. A red circle appears, that’s the enemy’s command post. On the map, there are a couple of white circles – those are the neutral command posts.  What do you need to do? Kill the enemy! There are 200 soldiers for each team (sometimes the enemy has 250 to make it fair) and this number decreases by each kill. We also need to capture the command posts. When we do that, we just need to make sure that there are no enemies nearby. There are two ways to win: by capturing all command posts, then the game counts down to victory, or by killing all the enemies. We can obviusly lose a battle the exact same way.

Even though there are different game modes, that’s pretty much all we have to do in the entire game. Whether it‘s good or not, really depends on your opinion, I like the game the way it is.

What makes the game really good are the characters. Most of the time I play with empire and republic, and my favorite units are Shadow trooper (?) and the Jet Trooper. Their advantage is that they can fly. Their other advantage is that their weapons are really effective against everyone. In fact, they are the most useful units in the game, they just beat everyone. They are a special unit from their own team, every team has a special unit. Rebels have the Wookie Smuggler, Clones have the Jet trooper, Stormtroopers have the Shadow trooper and the droids have the droideka.

The game is just amazing. It‘s a perfect shooting game, and it was great in its own time. Explosions, spectacular battles, beautiful maps, everything can be found in the game, but there are lot of things I hate about it. Here we already have the intelligence of the players. To make the game harder, the developers nicely created extremely dumb teammates. It was a good idea to create teams, characters that are helping us, but they are almost only background characters, because 99% of the time you have to do everything absolutely alone, without help. You need to kill the enemy, you need to capture all the command posts, sometimes you get help, but they only cause trouble and don’t help anything.

What’s worse than that? It’s not enough that the teammates are not helping anything, but they make it harder for you to win a battle. What they do the most is that they lose a command post that you fought really hard to capture it. This is their main habit, they simply love to do that.

I wish the enemies were also that dumb, but guess what, no. They are so smart that they can notice me from kilometers away while I’m aiming at them with a sniper, and they dodge my shot.

I already said that the flying characters are good, and almost impossible to beat. They fly pretty fast, but that’s not a big deal for the enemy, because it can take you out with a blaster pistol.

The intelligence doesn’t really matter, here we have the droideka which is not intelligent at all, it is just so unfair. Of course, there is a method to kill it, and it’s not hard. When it’s not in shooting mode, you can destroy it easily. If it is in shooting mode and has a shield, you just need to stand closely, wait until the shield goes down and then kill it but if you’re not fast enough, you are dead in three seconds. The character is also big, which makes it harder to get through a corridor for example, while you’re trying to leave, the droideka kills you.

I don’t play this on multiplayer, but the developers made the characters so annoying that probably everyone will hate them. What they adore to do, and we also love in a game when any character does that, is that they shoot from the back or a place you can’t see them. They also tend to shoot you and your friends from a flying machine, with missiles or laser cannons, which are impossible to dodge.

I think it’s enough of the annoying enemies, now I’ll talk about the main thing why the gameplay can be bad. In fact, it’s not bad, but it gets frickin boring after a while. There are different levels, weapons, units, but once you’ve tried all of them, the fun is just over. It is harder to get bored of it when there are two players though.

Overall Opinion


Star Wars Battlefront is a great game. Even if I get tired of it, I know I will want to play again another day. It is hard to throw it away when you like grew up playing it.  What makes it even better is the quality of Battlefront 2. That game is just horrible, I was kind of disappointed when I played it, but I was also happy to know that I have the better one. I don’t really need to offer it to anyone, because probably most of the people already have it or don’t care about it. If you don’t have the game, you should at least try it. If you have the game, don’t let it die.

To know the game better, here’s a gameplay video I’ve made. Enjoy:


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