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Honestly, I never cared about the MotorStorm series, can’t exactly tell, why. Maybe because I’m not really obsessed with racing games (I already have two disappointed Need for Speed games on my shelf). I used to think that this game was only made to have a game that’s only on PS3. But after playing the demo and the full game, I have completely changed my mind.

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Developer: Evolved Games

Release Date: 11th of May, 2011

Platforms: PS3

Since I’m not a racing game boss, neither a MotorStorm fan, I will mention a couple of things because I don’t have that MotorStorm feeling. This also shows that I haven’t played with the other games (only with demos).



Well yes… it’s actually sad that I’m starting the review with this, because the story is the weakest part of the game. I’m not talking about racing in the time of the apocalypse (that was actually a really good idea), but the really lame storyline, which is only made of cutscenes and gameplays following each other. It is hard to make a good story for a racing game, but they really could’ve done way much better than this. Actually, maybe it doesn’t really deserve to be criticised because of the storyline, because probably the developers weren’t focusing on it. I can’t say many things about it, but it really destroys the picture.

Game modes


Unfortunately, this is another big minus point in the game. They really didn’t put much work in this, because there are only three game modes: Race, Eliminator and Chase.

The last to game modes are almost exactly the same. They could’ve put a bit more effort in that. For example, they could’ve used the end of the world, and make game modes like Surviving the Apocalypse, or Time racing.

There is an option where we can create game modes, but the customisation is really limited, we can only set things like should the laps and the position numbers appear on the screen or number of racers, what vehicles can be used, gravity… yeah, there is no way to create a completely new game mode.



Now this is the point that really makes the game better and increases the fun. It is already enough to mention that there can be four players, which really makes it hard to get tired of the game. There are fourteen different vehicles and thirty-five tracks. We can find motobykes, quads, racecars, wreck cars, even trucks.

I think this tells enough, and lets not forget that there are more types of each of the vehicles, which we can unlock while we play the game. What would be a racing game without vehicle customisation? Of course we can set the wheels and other stuffs, and my favorite part is painting the car. There is enormous amount of patterns and colours, so we can easily choose. I have to tell that this game had the easiest vehicle customisation I’ve ever tested, we can create brilliant machines in a short period of time. It is not as messy as in NFS: Shift for example.

But it’s obvius, that the best part of the gameplay is the falling sky scapers, exploding streets and those unbelievably beautiful car crashes, that we could see in all the other MotorStorm games/gameplay videos.

For a plus point there is the online mode, where we can show our  “talent” to other people.

To make the game even more fun, the developers put hillarious extras in the game, like when we are on a motobyke or quad and we jump, we could stand on our vehicle and do tricks on it (of course, we have to press the buttons carefully, otherwise we will fall), and, while we are racing, we can show the middle finger to the other racers or make fun of them. It was a really good idea to put these in the game, they really increased the enjoyment level of the game.

The developers put in a lot of work to take the enjoyment level to an even higher level. They did by allowing us to wreck the other racers, which is important to unlock vehicle parts.

Overall Opinion


MotorStorm: Apocalypse is an exciting, enjoyable game, though there could’ve added at leat three more game modes, and the storyline could’ve been a little bit better.  Apart from these, the game is excellent to use when there are friends coming over to play something, or if we are alone, we will always fing a match online.

The game MotorStorm: Apocalypse turned out to be an amazing game, every PS3 owner should get it, they won’t be disappointed.


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