BATTLEFIELD 3 – How did it feel to play this game?

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi! This is my first game test, and I’m going to talk about the out coming game, Battlefield 3!

This is the game I’ve been waiting for so long. I just downloaded the beta version for PS3, I’ve played it for only like an hour, and I already have several things to say about this game.

Battlefield 3… in other words, a mixture of  BBC2 (Battlefield Bad Company 2) and a little bit of Call of duty: Black ops (in my opinion of course).

The game hasn’t changed much… it’s just like BBC2, but with a little bit more smoothy animation. The gameplay still has the feeling which we had in the previous battlefield games. To be honest, I expected a bit more from this game, and it’s because I still found those really annoying errors from BBC2. First I will talk about the things that they improved on.

1. I was really glad that they had improved this – you do not need to wait ages to re-spawn, you just have to select where you want to start the game, then you can play. Unfortunately, you have to wait 30 seconds until the game starts… but something for something.

2. They made animations I’ve really missed in BBC2, like when we jump through something, it shows our legs, and when we lie down, we can see our hands. Lying down is also a new feature that was needed to be made.

3. The graphics are more smoothy, and brighter. I also like how they used colours during the game. After the previous battlefield game’s dark, boring graphics, it is a great improvement.

4. The main menu totally beats BBC2… so much better.

5. The game labels where are our squad mates, and it’s really easy to orientate on the mini-map. Just what I wished for in BBC2.

6. No matter, how ridiculous it sounds, but we can jump through the windows. Really missed it in BBC2.

Yes, there are many positives in this game… but, unfortunately, there are lots of negatives.

1. The jumping is so lame. It feels like we are in a small box and we can jump limitedly… or like there’s a chain tied on our legs.

2. Some objects are so small that when you play you can’t see them. Due to this you will get stuck on them. Really annoying.

3. The dying is hilarious. Our great man falls down, slowly raises his hand, and then he dies… Also, they should have put more blood on the screen, so the gamer can know that his character actually dies.

4. The game is roughly exaggerating with the points. In BBC2, if you shoot an enemy down, you get 50 points. However, in this game you get 100 points! Woah! What a great change.

At the same time, for headshot, you get 10 points! I’m not joking: 10 points for a headshot.

The makers of the game also put stuffs in the game that are absolutely unnecessary: comeback, suppressive assist… the worst one: you get 10 points if someone spawns to you! That’s all what I can say… unnecessary.

5. I’ve noticed this error right when I started to play; when we look around, our gun tilts! It’s so annoying! Due to this it’s really difficult to aim. Especially with sniper, where the crosshair tilts. And if it’s still not enough, the controller is sensitive like hell.

6. When we re-spawn, the screen fades into dark, and it’s fully black for a while. At first, I thought that the game is over, or something. This is not a really big problem, but it’s so deceptive. I think it would be better if they had left this out.

At the same time, when the battle is over, the screen fades into a grey/whitish color. This is even more deceptive, it can easily confuse the gamer, make him think that there was a great explosion and he died. That’s what I thought.

7. There are some weird errors in this game that aren’t really effecting the game, however, they still need to be mentioned. For example, in rush mode, I went close to the target. It said: Press O to arm.

Someone killed me. I re-spawned, then it still told me to press the circle button to arm… when the M-COM Station I was supposed to arm was like three kilometres  away from me…

It also happens at the weapons (Press ◊ to Pick up).

8. Maybe not that often, but still many times, the game simply doesn’t let me to run… really frustrating.

9. At the first map, it showed the next two bases we had to attack. I went to the place, and I got stuck in the small rocks. Then I realized that we have to go down in the underground. But how was I supposed to know this, since the game didn’t show that this is the end of the map, and I’m going in the wrong way. I’m not the only one who thinks this, I’ve seen many people going the same way.

10. The dub is really annoying, especially that voice of the guy who talks to the defenders.

Well, that’s all I can say right now. Probably lots of you will say that I was a little rude to the game. Let’s not forget that this is all my opinion. The question is, does the game worth it? I think it surely does. I really hope they will improve the errors in the full version. No matter how many mistakes were there in the beta version. It’s still going to be amazing.


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